We are a community called by Christ working to do good in the world through fellowship, devotion, and service.

Worship Service at 10:30am
Bible Study at 9:15am
Our address is:
3815 SE 174th Ave, Portland, OR 97236

What do we mean by Fellowship?

We are a community of friends who like to eat together, tell stories, pray for one another, worship together, and welcome others. We celebrate anniversaries and Birthdays, cry together, show up at the important times, and hold one another close through all of life's ups and downs.

What do we mean by Devotion?

We worship together, study together, pray together. We engage the bible critically, drawing on the 2000 years of Christian seekers, as well as modern day scholarship to try to understand what it means to be a person of faith. We accept that there are no absolutely right answers and there are no dumb questions. And we remain dedicated to the way of Jesus Christ, seeking reconciliation, forgiveness, love, and grace in relationships.

What do we mean by Service?

We take great pride in service collecting goods for the homeless, assisting the teachers and students at Powell Butte Elementary to prepare for the school year, and tithing our collective financial resources. We practice generosity with our neighbors, knowing that the Gospel is Good News for all people. And we practice grace knowing that it was God who invited us to the table so that we might be able to invite others.